The Bittersweet Ending.

Because tomorrow is my final, as well as my final day here, I wanted to write a bit about the end of my journey. Its been a wild ride, starting with my first solo TransAtlantic plane ride, and ending with new friends, tons of amazing memories, and a whole lot more knowledge of the world beyond my porch. I am certainly a different person, whether or not this turns out to be a change for the better. When a person decides to study abroad, they tend to try and find a school which isn’t difficult so they can go off and do tons of things. I didn’t. My classes were challenging and made me think differently about the way I study. So I got the fun of the experience, as well as the shock to my academic system, so to speak.

Overall, I started here with this cynical view, because I was cold and the food was different and I felt that I didn’t belong. Thursday morning I’m leaving here with the knowledge that no matter where you go, you can adapt and become a part of that culture, as long as you have an open mind and heart.

I’m going to miss my favorite restaurants. I’m going to miss all of the friends I met here. I’m going to miss being a 10 minute walk from the beach. And I’m going to miss all of the accents. So many accents.

I’m off to pack and study for my last final tomorrow. “Parting is such sweet sorrow”, because as much as I’m going to miss it here, I can’t wait to go home as well.

Cheers, Hallie