My first final is done and now I have a little time to relax before my next (and last!) one. I do have to say, they do finals a lot differently here in the UK. I was placed with my class and 2 others into the basketball court to take the first one. Also, all grading is anonymous. Finally, you cannot leave in the last 30 minutes of the exam. You can either leave before the final 30 minutes or you have to wait until the clock has run out and everyone exits. I found this out at the last 28 minute mark. Woops. 

Oh well. I decided a run on the beautiful West Sands beach would make me feel better, and it did. I consistently wish I had my camera whenever I’m out, but since I was running I’ll give myself some slack. It was sunny with that ever-present wind, and actually a decent temperature. All the makings of a great run and I came back with the exams tension out of my shoulders and that lovely soreness of physical activity. 

With only one final left and 7.5 days, its coming to a close. I think we all sense it; there’s been a lot more of hanging out “just because”. I’m really going to miss this place. The people, the beach, the really old buildings, and the strange sense of calm that hits you as you cross the Scottish border. I recommend a trip.

That’s all for now, relaxing and getting ready for a busy week ahead.

Cheers, Hallie