Happy Mother’s Day!

As everyone is well aware (or at least, NOW is well aware), today is Mother’s Day. Although holidays are so much fun and brings joy to those giving and receiving love, they can sometimes be sad. Today was the first Mother’s Day that I was not home for and it hit home for me. I’m starting to realize that this is what my life is going to be like once I leave the nest for real. I’m not going to be home to make my mom her annual breakfast-in-bed. As a study abroad student, you start swapping some of the memories you would make at home for the memories you make abroad. Next week is my brother’s last day of high school and his senior prom and I’m going to miss them. I really wish I could be there for those moments but then I remember that if had been at home, I never would have eaten a baguette on the lawn of the Eiffel Tower or stood on the top of the Oslo Opera House. 

Being a study abroad student has truly opened my eyes to the reality of growing up and living apart from your family. You stop doing some of the traditional things you always did as a kid and start making your own experiences and traditions. The hope is that one day you can teach your own children the traditions you had when you were their age and share that joy with them. 

I will always love my family. I’m just starting to come to the realization that they won’t always be physically there with me, but I know they will always be with me in spirit.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Family- 2009


Cheers, Hallie