Making friends with the co-habitants.

Last night was the Valedictory Meal at my dorm, which in case you didn’t read my last post was for all of us who are leaving the dorm in the next couple of weeks. It started with a wine reception and then we were taken to the dining hall where we got a special table that was decorated. It was so nice! For dinner, I had fruit salad as a starter, then cannelloni and cheesecake as a dessert. We were served first and actually got waited on by the dining staff. It was a really sweet gesture and I felt like I truly was a part of the hall community. After dinner, there was an after party, where we talked for hours. I met so many new people that I hadn’t come in contact with before. It was a bit of a downer, if only because I was just getting to know these people and now we are all getting ready to leave. 

I’m never going to forget the new friends I made and the experiences I had while in Scotland. I can already feel how far I have come as a person and am now excited for the growing I still have to go.

Cheers, Hallieimage