An update.

My life has been strange and fun-filled the past few days. Sunday, we were supposed to go to a beach party but it got rained out. Instead, we stayed in and hung out. Monday marked the beginning of Revision Week. I still can’t believe that students get a whole week to study for finals. In the States, you’re lucky to get one day. The first day was spent studying, goofing off, and enjoying time with friends. Tuesday was a busy day. I woke up early for the first time in a while and got all of my studying done before lunch. There was a going-away reception for all of us Study Abroad kids. We got gifts (including a maroon St Andrews shirt, which happens to be one of the colors of Salisbury U, so I was quite excited!) and met up with some of us that we hadn’t seen in a while. My main group pf friends left early in search of caffeine. I had my first iced Chai latte, which can only be described as heaven. Or like a Chai milkshake. One of the two. 

Last night was probably the biggest event of the last few days. After much pleading and wheedling, Kira convinced me to come play Manhunt with a bunch of other people when it finally got dark. It was a tough decision because I enjoy my sleep and it doesn’t get dark until 11 PM here. I adopted the “sleep when you’re dead” philosophy and donned my ninja gear. Playing felt like childhood, remembering all the times you held your breath because the “seeker” was right next to you. I also met a lot of new people; it surprising how easy it is to form bonds with total strangers when you have a collective goal. After getting muddy, winded, and scraped up, we walked to the beach and looked at the stars. A couple of us are astrophysics majors and were pointing out the constellations to those of us not as scientifically-inclined. Comprehensively one of the best nights I’ve had in St Andrews. With only 15 days left, I’m starting to realize how much I enjoy being here and the extent to which I will miss it when I’m gone. Sobering thought.

On a lighter note, we were informed that Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth are filming in St Andrews this week for an upcoming movie. Obviously, a group of us took it upon ourselves today to go looking for them. Although the trip came to no avail, it was a lot of fun speculating where they could be. Tonight there is a dinner for all of us, Leavers (what Americans call graduating Seniors) and those of us only here for a short time. I’m really excited to celebrate, but once again sad that this chapter of my life is coming to a close.

Sorry for all the introspective babble!

Cheers, Hallie